About Us

We are a family that loves speed and racing! Dad is a long-time racing fan. He has been racing slot-cars and building tracks since he was a kid; he’s still very much a kid at heart! He shared his love for the hobby with the rest of the family. This love inspired us to branch out and share this passion with other members of the community.

As a family we love to go boating, camping, and spend time outside. When we can’t be outside, though, we had a hard time finding somewhere close we can all go to spend time together and have fun… this struggle, along with our shared love for slot car racing, has paved the way for the idea of our new adventure. Since 2019 we have traveled the country hunting down cool and unique slot cars, tracks, and accessories, so that we could share them with others in the suburban Milwaukee area. We then added some STEM-focused fun to engage our younger friends, found a space to put it all, and A Kid at Heart Playland was created.

Our intention is to provide a space within our community where people of all ages can come and make memories together. Our dream is to create an affordable space for families and friends to have a drink or a cup of coffee while kids play in the play cafe, maybe some friendly competition on the tracks racing miniatures of their favorite cars, great conversation, laughter, and snacks; fun for EVERYONE. We want all who visit to feel like they are our friends and family.

Turkey Trot Party

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope to see you on the tracks or in the cafe soon.

What is slot car racing?

A slot car is a toy car that runs on a track made of either plastic or wood. It uses a small electric motor, controlled by a hand controller using either the first finger or thumb to control the speed.

These slot cars can be of many classes using different types of body styles including stock cars, GT racecars, dirt track cars and many other body types. If it’s being raced in real life, there’s a good chance somebody is racing it in small scale. It’s a great way to teach kids about mechanical skills they will use for the rest of their life. Plus, it’s a fun, easy way to bond and create lasting memories for any skill level.

Learn About Our Raceways and Party Rooms for All Ages

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