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You have Questions?

Do you have food available for purchase?

Yes! We have snack items available. We also offer coffee, teas, bottled water, juice boxes, and beer.

Can I bring in my own food?

Yes! We ask that snacks and kid drinks that might spill stay off the carpeted area.

Is there parking available?

Yes! There is plenty of free parking available right by our front door.

Do I have to wear socks?

Yes, all patrons are required to wear socks at all times.

This keeps our carpeted area clean for little ones to play. 

Can I go barefoot?

No, the health code states that feet must be covered.

Is there food storage available if I rent a party room?

Yes, we have limited storage for food items brought in for parties. 

What if I can’t make my reserved time?

We ask for 48 hour notice to reschedule reserved track time.

We are happy to assist you with rescheduling but, cannot refund money.

Track time is transferable to another party if you are unable to make your scheduled time.

Reservations cannot be rescheduled within 3 hours of scheduled start time.

Do adults have to pay to enter the play cafe?

No, adults are always free to enter. Adults would only need to pay if they wish to use the slot car track.

Can I drop my kiddo off?

No, a care giver must stay with the child at all times. 

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